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Lord of the Rings Online launches Helm's Deep for real this time [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Now that launch day for Helm's Deep is finally here, you'll still have to wait until Lord of the Rings Online patches before you can dive in. So while you wait, you can peruse the expansion's official release notes to see what's in store once your launchpad finally gives you the green light to play.

The tidbits of information you'll find range from music to housing, classes to travel, and stats to crafting. For instance: music files to play now load properly on a Mac; players can send bags of coins through shared storage instead of the mail; housing chests can be expanded; stat caps have been adjusted; and monster players have access to six additional corruption slots. And that's just scratching the surface. There's even a category of known issues to give players a heads-up. So stroll on through the notes and prepare for the ride through Western Rohan.

[Update: We've included the launch trailer behind the break!]

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