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Minimalist task manager Begin adds tap-to-edit, new full-screen mode


Begin is a tough-as-nails to-do list that helps you manage the tasks in your life that are due right away. You are allowed a single list of tasks and each item in your list has three options -- do it today, do it tomorrow or mark it as done. It's simple, but effective.

A recent update (version 1.5) softens the app by increasing the amount of time a task can stay on your list from two to five days. You don't have to do things "right away"; you just have to do them in the next few days. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to edit a task by simply double-tapping on an item.

There also are a few new UI tweaks to make it easier to find and tally up your uncompleted tasks. Last but not least, Begin adds a new in-app purchase that unlocks an optional full-screen mode, new typefaces and the ability to disable reminders over the weekend.

Begin is available for free from the iOS App Store. The in-app purchase to unlock additional features will cost you US$0.99 and is free for customers who already purchased the "Themes" option.

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