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Patch 5.4.2 PTR: In-game store UI updated


Our friends over at Adriacraft have been busy digging through the PTR files to bring you yet more tantalizing peeks at what might be coming up, and the latest find is this updated in-game store UI. It looks way smoother and neater than the old one, as well as offering the potential to put way more items on the in-game store.

And that's not all Adriacraft has discovered. There's also a new set of currencies alongside the XTC test currency: US Dollars, British pounds, Australian Dollars and Euro. He's also discovered an element potentially related to the store that is named Auth_Challenge, implying that you would have to log in with an Authenticator to use the store. This makes perfect sense as a security measure.

Lastly, there's a set of icons that appear to be associated with the in-game store, which could, Adriacraft tells us, be categories. They're in the "Store" section of the structure. Among them are things like armor, toys, scrolls, food, hot, new, featured, weapons, and more. You can mouseover all the icons on Adriacraft's page and see what they are titled on the tooltip. And Adriacraft has confirmed that, within the UI's code itself, the current categories are services, mounts, pets and consumables. Within "services" Adriacraft has found race change and faction change sections, implying that those will be among the available items in-game.

As ever, this is datamining, so treat it accordingly.

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