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Brits, cap off Super Mario 3D World with plumberific Wii U bundle


If you're a resident of Her Majesty's Kingdom who's been tempted into a Wii U purchase by the five-star brilliance of Super Mario 3D World, hold your British horses! Nintendo's UK web-store has an offer that's worth a gander at least.

For the British sum of £300, you get a black 32GB Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Luigi U, and Super Mario 3D World. To top it off, Nintendo's throwing in a special red-and-blue, M-emblazoned Wiimote and a matching red Mario headpiece. To re-cap, if you're planning on picking up the the new £250 Mario-themed bundle, this is the same but with Super Mario 3D World, the Wiimote, and the cap chucked in for £50 extra - not bad at all.

The Mario Mega Bundle, as it's prodigiously titled, is one of four new Wii U bundles on the big N's UK webfront this month. We've already mentioned the other Mario-centric bundle, then there are 8GB Wii Party U and Just Dance 2014 packs, both of which include Nintendo Land and are also priced £250.

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