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Google's Project Link fiber backbones increase internet speed in Uganda (video)


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Google is creating a fiber optic network to bring faster connectivity to one of Earth's biggest, yet somehow most internet-disconnected, continents: Africa. With Project Link, the search giant is offering Uganda's capital city a reprieve from dial-up speeds and shoddy uplinks by offering local internet providers and mobile carriers access to its broadband network, which they can in turn offer to their respective customers. According to Mountain View, only 16 percent of the continent's some billion residents are online; hopefully this initiative is the start of bumping that number significantly. Still, the implementation is in the hands of Kampala's data providers -- we're crossing our fingers that they don't muck up Google's graciousness with greed and high prices. As it stands though, this seems like a much more, ahem, grounded method for bringing the internet to remote areas than balloons ever did.

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