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Google refreshes Shopping site with extended previews, 360-degree photos, 'visually similar' search

Zach Honig

It's set to be a holly jolly holiday season, especially if you're keen to do your gift shopping online. Google's browser-based Shopping tool just scored a pretty comprehensive refresh, complete with a handful of new features designed to make it easier to browse, search for and select a variety of items. A new preview pane lets you view colors, sizes and a product description, along with online and retail store availability, while an updated Shortlist tool gathers "maybe" items in a temporary cart that resides at the top of each page. You can also get a good look at everything from cameras to handbags to toys with the interactive 360-degree viewer, now available for select items. Google hopes that last tool will help deliver an "in-store feeling," but to complete the experience, you might also want to climb aboard an RV and set up shop in a Walmart parking lot the night before Black Friday with a "free restrooms" sign on the door. Happy holidays!

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