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Google Translate for Android has a new look for smoother conversations and supports more languages


Google Translate is one of the better translation apps out there, so it's always great whenever an update (for Android in this case) that gives its features a boost arrives. Its fresh interface that's cleaner and simpler than the old one will likely be the first thing you'll notice upon loading the updated Android app. This change comes with the ability to quickly translate conversations, as tapping the microphone loads a new screen that lets you switch between languages by tilting your device. Mountain View has also enhanced old features, including handwriting recognition that now supports Hebrew, Greek, Javanese and the manufactured language Esperanto. Its built-in camera, on the other hand, can now decipher text in Malay and Ukranian. These changes, along with other minor tweaks, are now available for download, but head past the break if you want to see a demo of the upgraded app.

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