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HTC One max heading to Verizon today for $300 on-contract


HTC's 5.9-inch One max is comparatively modest when it comes to the oversized smartphone horserace; it's actually dwarfed by Sony's monstrous Xperia Z Ultra. Still, if your hands are big enough to accommodate the One max's bulk and you're a Verizon subscriber, today's the day you can call it your own. The Big Red operator's offering the device for $300 with any new two-year agreement, or for $25 monthly installments on its Edge upgrade plan. Verizon's even bundled in a special SIM that's "ISIS-ready" so you can take advantage of the carrier's contactless payment (read: Google Wallet) alternative. The One Max offers mostly everything we love about the OG One it shares a heritage with, just in a heftier metallic chassis and with an oddly-placed fingerprint scanner. Sure there's plenty you can do with a big 'ol screen, but in this case, we'd argue the size of your hand matters more.

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