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Next-gen console wars continue in last night's South Park


Finally, the root of all console wars was revealed, thanks to Cartman in last night's episode of South Park: "You know why Kenny's doing this right? Because he wanted to be a princess and I wouldn't let him." Turns out extreme console fanboyism is just as immature as we all thought.

South Park continued its Game of Thrones-inspired console wars storyline last night in "A Song of Ass and Fire," which saw the battle for Black Friday heat up with Cartman's army of Xbox One fans against Kenny's small crew of PS4 players – all dressed as their characters in South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Obsidian RPG due out in March 2014. Plus, there was a nice Princess Kenny anime intro around the 20 minute mark.

US readers can watch the full episode here.

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