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This poor little iPad mini has had a tougher life than you


Did you get thrown in the dirt today? How about slammed into concrete multiple times or had someone attempt to drown you? The iPad mini in the video below has endured all of that -- oh, and it also took a few bullets for good measure. The video comes from YouTuber RatedRR, who normally focuses on slow-mo videos of firearms exclusively, but decided to make an exception and dish out some brutality to Apple's tiny tablet.

As you might imagine, the ultra thin, ultra light mini doesn't take a bullet very well, but it does pass the dirt and concrete portions of the test with flying colors. The water test goes about as well as you'd expect (not spectacularly) though the screen appears mostly intact. For a device that is, at most, about a year old, it's been subjected to a lot of pain and suffering.

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