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Community Blog Topic Results: Favorite announcement for Warlords of Draenor


The current Community Blog Topic is "What's your favorite Warlords of Draenor announcement?" I used the word "announcement" because these features are announced, but not guaranteed. See Dance Studio for reference. Still, we can hope for the best and there is a lot to be excited about.

RobVoila from This Old Garrison gives several reasons for liking garrisons the most, including:

Follower game play. There are other games I've played where I've gotten burned out on core game play. For a few of those games, what keeps me coming back is the follower game play. It may not be as exciting as running a dungeon with your main character, but it's kind of interesting to see if the people you've assigned a task have the ability to complete it. Also, depending on how the system works, it can be hilarious when the group screws up (on a Sims "How did you set fire to the house trying to make a salad?" level).

Garrisons are also a favorite with Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris , but would like some architectural variety.

While I consider addition of garrisons great, and see in them strong contender for how I will approach the content in the next expansion, I would like more of them. Specifically, I would love to have an option for architectural style. While I appreciate human buildings for humans, and orcish architecture for orcs, none of the two makes sense for any of the other races.

SparkysShocker at Blood Sweat and Honor has hopes for the future of garrisons.

But more than what the announced features of them were I am most excited for what they didn't announce as I said in an earlier post I am excited for the potential of them to use the followers as mannequins so that they can display your gear you have collected in a meaningful way. I am hoping that at some point in WoD we are able to use our Garrisons to wage war on a player from the opposing faction in Strand of the Ancients type battle. And I am also excited for the RP potential to having my very own Garrison and a forward base for the RP guild I recently joined.

Mental Maggie from Polka Dots and Popcorn also can't wait for garrisons, but has a concern:

I like the idea that you need to outfit your townsfolk, though I do have a concern that it could end up being overkill. For the casual player , it's time consuming enough to outfit yourself in decent gear, let alone the half dozen or so for the garrison.

JeffLaBowski from Sportsbard likes how armor will work in Warlords of Draenor.

What I am probably most excited about is how armor will work going forward. As an altoholic, I like to switch toons a lot. This makes gearing up or playing offspecs challenging. In Warlords, armor will now adapt to your current spec. No more intellect plate. Now you will just have plate! Something I thought about for a few months. This is more a quality of life feature, but as I said, for an altoholic, it's huge!

alykii from Dead Gnomes Society is very happy to hear about the lack of daily quests in WoD, but also really likes the inventory improvements.

This. Is. Awesome. I love the fact that I'll be able to keep all my consumables in one bag without thinking about it. All my flowers in another bag (without needing an herb bag). New heirloom UI! I have random heirlooms on other servers. I don't even remember where the foo all my heirlooms are? I know I have leather ones, but are they on my 2nd druid? my rogue? or my baby monk? I'm so confused! NO MORE!

Ravyncat1 over at Ravyn's Reliquary is excited about more Draenei lore.

I can't wait to see how they lived before their society was destroyed. I want to see their cities unbroken. I want to see them with more than crashed ships as a refuge.

wittyphrase is excited about the raid changes.

I know there have been changes like that before, but adding flex technology to normal mode raiding, making it cross realm and some of the big gear changes all acknowledge sentiments that have been pretty prevalent in the raiding community for a while.

First, that the hardmode race is really "the" race. So it doesn't matter if normals are cross realm. And then that people that raid really view gear primarily as a tool to be used to progress through content. By making it easier to switch specs and acquire gear (access to other professions and additional loot via the garrison), they're tacitly acknowledging these things.

Sichas Studios voices a popular but highly contended opinion.

I'm a fan of no flying until 6.1 (as it currently stands)

Awesome design decision. I loved being forced to experience the content how the designers intended it. Flying around Hyjal and such really took me out of the experience in Cataclysm.

Picklepuss is succinct.

New models. Now if only I could take them to a Dance Studio..

evarithalia says

There are several features that I'm excited for, but I suppose the one that will be the greatest quality of life change for me is the removal of hit/exp. Holy priest/shadow is my main, and the hit/exp juggling game really discourages me from playing my dps alts as I really don't find it fun at all, despite liking the individual classes.

jeffbr's opinion is popular.

I'm specifically excited about the removal of reforging and lesser reliance on enchants and gems. I'm really looking forward to being able to equip a new piece of gear as soon as it drops.

iDogtag is concise with his popular viewpoint.

Bag space, bag space. Oh GOD, bagspace!

JordanPhillips says

Walking through Karabor, not the ruins, but the original temple.

nellydreadful can't wait for the toy box.

Do you have ANY idea how much bag space the toy box tab will free up for me? NEITHER DO I, because I've long since lost track of how many of these doohickeys I own!

GordonSullivan opines:

The 90 boost. The ability to skip Pandaria, which doesn't allow flying until 90, is the best thing Blizzard announced at Blizzcon.

The most popular announcement in the comments by far is garrisons. RTS style player housing excites quite a few people.

Do you have any suggestions for future Community Blog Topics? If so, please suggest them in the comments below.

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