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GameStop: One third of PS Plus subscriptions sold came from PS4 launch week


One third of all PlayStation Plus subscriptions sold by GameStop in its lifetime came in the week of the PlayStation 4's launch, GameStop President Tony Bartel revealed during the retailer's third quarter earnings call. GameStop reported an 8.6 percent increase in its digital sales for the quarter, contributing to its overall 18.8 percent sales increase. Likewise, the retailer sold through its reservations and some additional allocated PS4 units during the week.

Bartel said that "when you look at all of the PlayStation Plus subscriptions that we've sold in our lifetime as a company, we've been selling them for years, a full one-third of all subscriptions we've sold in our lifetime were sold in the last seven days at GameStop." The retailer began selling PSN content in its stores in November 2010, when it started offering PS Plus subscriptions and download codes for games and add-on content.

GameStop pointed out during the investor call that the PlayStation Network is a big part of Sony's future, and the company plans to continue being a part of that. "We're working very closely with Sony to make sure that we partner with them and we're giving them the consumer feedback and working closely to make sure we have a great product there," Bartel said.

It's unknown how much of an impact Sony's launch day deal had on subscription sales for GameStop for the week, in which players that purchased a year subscription to PlayStation Plus received $10 in PSN store credit. The deal was good through Best Buy and Newegg as well.

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