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How iPads are changing the NBA


Bloomberg TV this week ran a really interesting segment detailing how NBA teams are using iPads equipped with special software to keep a discerning eye on player patterns and statistics, all in an effort to increase player and team performance on the court.

Provided by a company called Sportstec, the software is used by 28 of 30 NBA teams. The lone holdouts, for whatever reason, are the Indiana Pacers and the Dallas Mavericks. Notably, Sportstec's software is only compatible with iOS.

Bloomberg had a chance to speak with Sportstec VP Anwar McQueen who articulated why Sportstec's software is so unique and favored by the majority of NBA teams.

"What makes our product really demanding is that this is done in real time," McQueen explained, "so a coach could come in at halftime and look at some video edits that were created in the first half and make adjustments."

Sportstec's software isn't just used in the NBA. The report notes that it's also used by NCAA basketball teams and a number of other sports organizations across the globe.

As a final and somewhat lighthearted note, Bloomberg might want to get its hands on some more recent NBA photos. During the video, I noticed a shot of Gilbert Arenas (who hasn't played in the league since 2012) and Lamar Odom in a Lakers jersey (Odom left the Lakers in 2011).

The full video segment can be viewed below.

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