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Make time for Doctor Who's birthday Google Doodle puzzler


Today's Google Doodle is of the wibbly-wobbly variety, namely a Doctor Who-themed game celebrating the British TV show's 50th anniversary tomorrow. It's an isometric puzzler reminiscent of 80s Atari classic Crystal Castles, and in it you guide a pixelated Doctor past traps and obstacles as you hunt for letters that spell out, funnily enough, Google.

For a five-minute distraction, there are plenty of references to the cult sci-fi show's half-century of history, from the terrifying statues of "Blink" to the eleven different Time Lords you can play as - each time you die, you of course regenerate as another Doctor.

Don't be fooled by the timer in the image above; The game really does take just a few minutes or so to complete, but it adds a minute to that clock each time you die, as a penalty. Suffice to say, the final of the five levels is not the easiest; more Time Lords died in my playthrough than in the Last Great Time War.

To play the game, head over to Google's UK front page.

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