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Mechner's pre-WWI adventure, The Last Express, pulls into Steam


Jordan Mechner's classic adventure game The Last Express keeps popping up in new places, which makes its title a bit misleading but is also a pretty cool thing. The Last Express' latest stop is Steam, where the Gold Edition is now available for PC for a discounted price of $5.25 through December 7.

The Last Express launched in 1997 for PC, Mac and DOS, and it takes place aboard the luxury Orient Express in July 1914, just before the outbreak of World War I. The game follows American doctor and French fugitive Robert Cath as he attempts to reach his friend in Constantinople. Things on the train get pretty intense, Downton Abbey style.

The Gold Edition includes an advanced hint system, a new UI and inventory, fresh achievements, cloud saves via the Steam Cloud, and in-game extras.

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