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Producing a podcast entirely with iOS is easier than you might think


Podcasting is something typically done at a desk with fancy microphones and editing software, but as Fraser Speirs -- co-host of the Out of School podcast -- details on his blog, it's something that can also be done quiet smoothly using iOS exclusively. The process isn't necessarily as slick as it can be with a professional setup, and as Speirs admits, the options for shining up sketchy audio aren't as robust as they are on a desktop, but it's definitely doable.

Speirs uses a Samson Meteor mic (US$69.99), Skype (free) and the Auria LE app ($24.99) to record his casts while on the road with just his iPad and iPhone. If you're wondering why GarageBand isn't the go-to option for recording software, it's because the iOS version of the program only supports recordings of up to 10 minutes. Check out the full rundown of the process on the original blog post.

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