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What animated emote should Blizzard add to WoW?


The always creative and adventurous members of my guild (pictured above: Bearchanges and Duellona of Spectacular Death) have identified an appalling hole in the long list of WoW's animated emotes: There is no /freakout!

"So many things in the game just seem to need the addition of an emote where you run around in a circle waving your arms frantically above your head," observes GM Gimmlette. "We see this as a way to blow off steam, get rid of those frustrations that sometimes build up when the game seems to be against you."

The inventors of the /freakout concept envision the animation as reminiscent of the animation that occurs during Hallow's End when the Horseman hits you with fire, only with your arms higher over your head. "We'd use it in LFRs where someone starts yelling at the rest of the raid members for being terrible," Gimmlette says. "Or instead of screaming at the other members of the LFR, have a /freakout and let off that frustration. Get asked for gold in a CRZ city? Have a /freakout. Accidentally wipe a 5-man, /freakout time. Can't find a quest giver? /Freakout. Frustrated over the lack of drops while doing a quest? Have a /freakout."

(Gimmlette goes on to detail one further example in which all members of a 10-man raid /freakout at once during one particular mechanic. "We might die, but it would be a truly spectacular death," she says. You can see where this guild gets its name.)

I have to agree that /freakout would provide some much-needed comic relief at certain moments during the game -- and there are probably quite a few other animations that could go a long way toward smoothing interpersonal relations and upping the fun factor. What animated emote would you recommend adding to the game? Tell us what the command would be and what the animation would look like. When would you use it most?

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