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NBA Live 14 executive producer: 'We've got a lot of work to do'

NBA Live 14 hasn't scored points with all of its fans, but a recent post from Executive Producer Sean O'Brien suggests improvements will be made to the game over the coming months.

In response to complaints that the game leaves players to figure out game mechanics through trial-and-error, O'Brien stated that the team is "working on improving the way the game teaches the controls and on-boards new users." In addition to in-game efforts, O'Brien noted an "ongoing series" of livestreams via Twitch. They've already posted "Controller Guide," "Perfecting Your Style" and "Levels of the Dribble" guides on the NBA Live website to help explain mechanics.

O'Brien also acknowledged disappointment with NBA Live 14's animations and stated that the team is "committed to making drastic and immediate improvements." These improvements should show up "in the coming weeks and months."

On a positive note, the post references a warm reception of the game's LIVE Season features and mentions plans to add more BIG Moments and NBA Rewind games as the basketball season progresses. While O'Brien admits the team has "a lot of work to do," he also points out that NBA Live 14 is "just the first chapter in the NBA LIVE comeback story."

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