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The Secret World adds remote banking and other vet rewards

MJ Guthrie

Ever since veteran rewards were first introduced to The Secret World way back in the beginning of the year, players have been looking forward to acquiring portable banking devices. Well that time is finally at hand: Remote banking has just arrived! For the cost of only five Veteran Points, players can purchase a stack of five transdimensional banking devices that when deployed spawn a laptop that anyone in the player's group can use to do banking and auction house transactions without traveling to London. Even better, this perk is not limited only to veterans; anyone can purchase a stack of 20 for 480 Bonus or Funcom points.

All players also have access to a whole new category of store items called weapon moulds. Here, players can acquire reusable weapon skins. Veterans do, however, get an exclusive perk in the form of Venetian Exemptions. Coming in stacks of five for the cost of five Veteran Points, these remove the lockout timers on scenarios.

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