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WoW Moviewatch: iSmack Music Video

I found myself a little enchanted by the iSmack Music Video. It isn't necessarily the finest piece of music I've ever heard but the animation certainly matches it. Somewhere between boisterous WoW rap and a hilarious parody, the Smack Music VIdeo just tickled my funny bone. But for the deeper story about the video, I'll let Blaqsmith Gaming explain:

this video is a music parody of a song i did called ismack it carries a strong theme and story of a trollish new lvl 1 human warrior named ismack, as he wonders through the starting area he gathers strength and fills the need to find bigger and badder things to... well Smack :)

So, take the time to check it out and let him know what you think. Here's hoping for more machinima in the future!
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