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Breakfast Topic: Are you prepared for Pilgrim's Bounty?

Anne Stickney

It's that time of year again. The time of year in which I travel in stealth everywhere I go, unless I'd really like to be turned into a turkey every five seconds. Now don't get me wrong. I like Pilgrim's Bounty. I liked the revamp when it came out, I like sitting around a table flinging food at everyone else. I like that you can very, very easily level your cooking with the event, and of course I like the turkey pet -- who doesn't love a pet that spontaneously throws himself into open flames? But I could totally do without being turned into a turkey.

Actually, no, scratch that. Although I hate the whole being turned into a turkey, there's something to be said about actively trying to avoid it. Sneaking around home cities, jumping in just long enough to get the appropriate rewards and buffs, and then diving away before anyone can get a shot off, that's kind of fun. When I think about it, Pilgrim's Bounty is the one time of year in which my rogue really, really feels like a rogue. I spend way more time being stealthy and sneaky than I would on any normal given day. So bring it on, if you can catch me. I'll be behind those barrels over there. Or maybe on the roof. Or maybe I'm right behind you, but you can't see me.

What about you guys? Are you ready for Pilgrim's Bounty, and will you be participating in the festivities this year? Do you have the achievements for the event already? Are you going to work on your cooking skill with that long-forgotten low-level alt? Or are you planning on ignoring the in-game fun, and instead preparing for a real-world feast come Thursday?

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