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Guild Wars 2 developer preview livestream delves into Fractured update


Guild Wars 2 is focusing on the Fractals in its upcoming Fractured update, which is slated to go live tomorrow, November 26th. But if you just absolutely cannot wait even one more day without absorbing every available bit of information you can find, then you might be interested in the recording of ArenaNet's official Fractured developer preview that was livestreamed earlier today.

In the video, developers Anthony Ordon and Jake Miller give players a firsthand look at some of the new content they can expect to experience when Fractured goes live. The video is over half an hour long, so the sheer breadth of features and details covered is nearly impossible to summarize, but rest assured that there will be plenty of Fractal goodness. So make yourself comfy, settle in, and head on past the cut for the full video.

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