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Neverwinter shows off Paragon Paths for more classes

Eliot Lefebvre

The Paragon Paths in Neverwinter aren't just about making your character more powerful; they're about customizing your character to your playstyle. That's part of the reason why both Great Weapon Fighters and Guardian Fighters wind up sharing some potential paths. Yes, the Guardian Fighter is a tank and the Great Weapon Fighter isn't, but the added features of these paths make for very different characters. A Guardian Fighter on the Swordmaster path sacrifices some defense for more damage, producing a tank capable of hitting much harder than your average meat shield.

Great Weapon Fighters who choose to be Iron Vanguards, meanwhile, pick up more control-based effects and wind up being more of a support archetype in the process. The latest development blog also shows off the new Control Wizard path, the Master of Flame, allowing this class to do some more serious damage over time by juggling flame and ice abilities. Check out more details on these new paths in the aforementioned development blog.

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