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Roberts: Star Citizen is 'deeper than just a combat game'

Jef Reahard

Hopefully by the time you get to the bottom of the page, Star Citizen will not have crossed the $32 million barrier and rendered this news post hopelessly out of date. It's happened before, of course, given that the space sim sandbox passed $31 million a short while ago (i.e., while we were reporting on the $30 million milestone).

Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts has to be tiring of all these letters from the chairman at this point, but he's published another one that outlines the new RSI Orion ship and the Anvil Carrack explorer.

Roberts also takes a moment to acknowledge backers and their recent purchases of Star Citizen's new tanker ship that propelled the game past the $31 million mark. "It's exciting to see sales of the Starfarer tanker push us past another stretch goal," he wrote. "To me, that says that backers understand that Star Citizen is going to be deeper than just a combat game... that we're going to make unique experiences for all kinds of players, from pirates to refuelers."

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