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SEGA-inspired Shining Force Online launches beta Thursday

MJ Guthrie

If you thought the one thing missing to make your Thanksgiving perfect this year was an almost-MMO re-imagining of SEGA's Shining Force franchise, you are in luck! Retro game developer unFun Games is launching the beta of Shining Force Online this Thursday night, November 28th, putting familiar characters in an alternate universe. At launch, there will be more than 100 maps and a number of quests, with new worlds and more content added on a daily basis.

Described by unFun as a free fan-made MMO, Shining Force Online is a story-driven game that can, according to the official site, "be played almost as if it's a completely single player title," but you "can also interact with other players (if [you] should choose to)." If you do want to interact with others, it will actually cost you; although the game's store won't sell any items or experience, players must purchase the ability to chat with others. Interested players can head to Arcade Country and create an account in order to play the game via browser or download.

[Source: unFun Games press release]

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