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Apple wins iPhone patent suit against NetAirus


Apple has won a patent suit brought against it by NetAirus Technologies and Richard Ditzik, a 70-year-old engineer who claimed he came up with the idea for a smartphone, reports Bloomberg. Ditzik's patent showed how a hand-held device could be paired with a computer and cellular and 802.11 wireless to make and receive phone calls.

In order for Apple or Ditzik to win, the jury of eight was required to reach a unanimous verdict. However, after three days of deliberation, the jury could not find common ground. The lawyers for both parties then told the judge that they would be willing to take a majority vote. That's when the judgment came out in Apple's favor.

The NetAirus lawsuit is yet another legal victory for Apple in the last few weeks. Previously, a judge ruled Samsung had to pay Apple another $290 million in patent infringement damages.

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