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Around Azeroth: Tribute to a teacher (of evil)


"My first foray into wing 2 of Siege of Orgrimmar had me all excited about fighting through the actual streets of the city and seeing familiar NPCs and locales," writes submitter Azerious of The Outcasts on Fenris (US-H). "Making our way down into the Cleft of Shadow, I looked forward to paying tribute to Zevrost, who has always been my warlock trainer since my first day in Orgrimmar."

"In the Cleft, my attention was immediately drawn to the giant demon fighting in the center of the room. Looking around, I could see all of the other trainers right where they were supposed to be -- but the warlocks were missing! Lingering around the warlock tent were some filthy shadow mages, but my mentors were nowhere to be seen! Thinking that they were perhaps out of sight, or behind the demon or something, I did a /target Zevrost and was shocked when I saw that my target was dead. I followed his location to see if he had perhaps died gloriously in battle, or more expectedly, I would find his body in the middle of a glowing rune circle, having cast a spell so powerful it killed him. Instead, I looked up to find the smoldering, desecrated corpse of my mentor ungraciously strung up from the ceiling and engulfed in shadowflame. Looking around, I saw that the other warlock and demon trainers had received the same horrific treatment.

Now, my toon has been around for quite a while and has both seen and participated in many historic and world-changing events, but nothing has ever struck such a personal note as seeing the mentor who literally taught him everything he's ever known about being a warlock not only dead, but so shamefully disgraced -- basically nothing more than a morbidly gruesome warning sign.
So, as I continue on to end Hellscream's madness (and shall continue to end it, at least a dozen more times), I hope he feels my master's unique signature in the sweet sting of each and every Chaos Bolt.
Rest well, Master Zevrost, and know that your dark legacy lives on."

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