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Casting /helpme on an Alterac Brew Pup

Several different Blizzard Twitter accounts have lately been suggesting that players cast /helpme on their brand new Alterac Brew Pup to see what it does.

So, WoW Insider thought we'd put together a very short video to show you just exactly what the results were of doing just that! The Alterac Brew Pup is a very cute pet, and of course $5 from every purchase goes to the Make A Wish foundation, so he really is helping people all over the world.

But we were a little underwhelmed by the animation. I cast my /helpme from far away at first, expecting the Pup to run over to me, and thought I'd done it wrong, because I couldn't see any result. But from closer up we can see that he yelps a little and shakes his head. It definitely adds to the cute factor of this pet, but with the tweets we got a little over-excited and were hoping for more.

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