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Microsoft partners with Japanese developers, games to be announced in 2014


Microsoft has signed on some Japanese development teams to bolster the Xbox One's presence in that region, Microsoft Studios Corporate VP Phil Spencer told Kotaku. Spencer said the as-yet-unannounced games will be revealed in 2014, and that they will be "full Japanese games" as opposed to downloadable ones.

Spencer also discussed the hardware manufacturer's relationship with Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi, who recently launched Crimson Dragon on Xbox One. Microsoft is currently "talking to him about what we might want to do next with him," and that "there's some interest out there in some older [intellectual property]." Spencer specifically noted that Phantom Dust, Futatsugi's original Xbox cult classic, has been discussed as a property that could potentially be rebooted. Futatsugi told Joystiq in June at E3 that he would like to make a Crimson Dragon RPG.

Spencer added that he expects an increase in Japanese indie developer interest in Xbox One. "We kicked off our independent developer program when were at Tokyo Game Show and saw some top talent walk through the door, so I think you'll see some indies too... I'm committed to the development there."

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