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Second chapter of Persona 3: The Movie slated for summer 2014


Yes, more Persona news: The second Persona 3 movie is coming to Japanese theaters in "early summer 2014," as revealed by the end of the newly released first movie. Both Cinema Today (via Siliconera) and Anime News Network report the date appeared in the credits for Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spring of Birth, after the animated adaptation of the PS2 game debuted in Japanese cinemas over the weekend.

We're not sure we've got enough mind-space left for more Persona news after the weekend's flurry of reveals. Atlus unveiled no less than four new Persona games, including the Etrian Odyssey-like Persona Q for 3DS, rhythm game Persona 4: Dancing All Night for Vita, arcade fighter Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimate - Ultra Suplex Hold for PS3, and finally Persona 5 for PS3. The last of those, the biggie, is due in Japan in winter 2014.

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