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This $6,500 robotic lady should be the only iPhone dock on your holiday wish list


iPhone docks come in all shapes and sizes, but this is probably the first such device that you might need to take out a bank loan for. It's described simply as "Robot Girl," but its basic nickname belies how ridiculously ostentatious it really is. Standing more than 46 inches tall, the creepy statue was created by sculptor Mark Robert Ricci, and it's now for sale on eBay.

Aside from sporting a built-in iPhone dock, the statue also includes hidden Bluetooth speakers and color-changing LEDs. Oh, and the robotic female even nods to the beat of whatever music you play, because why not? The unnamed lass sports a futuristic pistol on a lawman's belt with a buckle labeled "Texas Ranger" for good measure. The body is largely fiberglass with a steel structure underneath.

Currently, the auction sits at US$6,500 with a total of zero bids, but with more than five days of bidding left, it just might get swooped up in the Black Friday shopping frenzy. You can check out a few additional details on the auction page or simply gawk at the video above and figure out who you can borrow $6,500 from.

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