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Microsoft releases two new anti-iPad Surface ads


Microsoft has released two new anti-iPad Surface 2 ads just in time for the holidays. In a continuation of the theme of this ad series, the new adverts point out features the Surface 2 have, but the iPad lacks.

The first ad, "Keeping clean in the kitchen," shows how a cooking app supports hands-free integration so you can get your hands messy preparing a big meal, but still keep your Surface screen clean. The second ad, "Keeping your kids safe online," shows off the Surface 2's multiple-user support, as each user of the Surface 2 can have their own account with their own apps.

Both ads are correct that the iPad lacks these features, but one has to question how well the hands-free mode on the Surface works. As for the multiple users: That is a legitimate point -- and something iOS users have been wanting for a while. But what makes these ads so poor is their 1990s-like production values. Instead of hip and fun advertisements, they feel like poorly narrated instructional videos that are a chore to sit through.

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