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Report: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team 3DS XL bundle incoming


Nintendo is preparing a new 3DS XL bundle, including a pre-installed copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and a branded handheld, according to the leaked Target circular posted by GameTrailers. The $199.99 bundle will go on sale starting December 1.

The game's story centers around yet another Peachnapping and two alternate realities: the lucid world and another inside of Luigi's dreams. The brothers Mario work together across these two worlds in order to save Peach and an indigenous race of sleepy pillow-like creatures.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has sold over one million copies since its debut in August. In our review, we said Mario & Luigi: Dream Team "does a lot of things right, and is a satisfying detour for a franchise that is risking too much predictability in its main guise."

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