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Festival of Magic wants to turn farmers into warriors [Update]


Update: Game Director Bendik Stang sent us an email clarifying that Jorgen Klubien's current contribution to Festival of Magic is more as a mentor to Snowcastle Games' art team and that he would only get directly involved should the game get funded. The visual look of Festival of Magic is largely determined by Art Director Frits Olsen and Concept Artist Fredrik Tyskerud. We've updated the language of our original post below to reflect this change.

Festival of Magic combines turn-based combat with farming mechanics tossed, all wrapped up in a familiar JRPG-inspired bow. Developer Snowcastle Games is currently seeking $250,000 to finish it up on Kickstarter.

The story, which was written by comic scribe Magnus Aspli, focuses on a village, its sorceress governor and a warlock who has stolen her life force. As young Amon, players must track down the warlock's army and revitalize the withering sorceress in the process. Art Director Frits Olsen and Concept Artist Fredrik Tyskerud will handle the visual look of the game, though should Festival of Magic get funded, Snowcastle Games hopes to tap Nightmare Before Christmas and Lion King artist Jorgen Klubien for his talents.

The game world, Umbra, is one where magic and technology flourished side-by-side. Plumpet Island, the home base for Amon, serves as a hub and farming retreat – there players will grow magical plants that are used for battle. Combat is handled through a pairing mechanic where warrior characters are teamed up with protector characters.

We caught our first glimpse of Festival of Magic during a Wii U indie games montage, but the game is also coming to PC, Mac and Linux. It's already made it through the Steam Greenlight gauntlet and the developer is keen on bringing the game to Xbox One and PS4 – granted it gets funded in the next 24 days.

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