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Infinity Blade III gets new themed Turkey Helms in honor of Thanksgiving


In honor of Thanksgiving Chair Entertainment is having a little fun by providing free Turkey Helms for both the main characters in Infinity Blade III. The helms can be worn by both Siris and Isa and allows players to boost those character's XP and skill points while the helms are worn.

The turkey helm for Isa is a turkey head with a bow, while the turkey helm for Siris includes a tophat and a monocle. Both turkey helms will be available for free for one week only. After this week the helms will become unavailable. From the Infinity Blade website:

Infinity Blade III has gone to the birds. At least for the week of Thanksgiving. Available for a very limited time, IB3 players can score the Turkey Helm for both Isa and Siris.

The helms not only look ridiculous, but offer users the chance to earn more experience and skill points to further improve their heroes. Don't wait another second because once the Turkey Helm is gone, it won't be back for another year.

Infinity Blade III is $6.99 in the App Store.

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