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MLB releases Franchise MVP for Android, lets you live your baseball fantasies

Nicole Lee, @nicole

The World Series is over, and it's a long three months before Spring Training begins. What's a baseball fan to do until then? Well, if you're an Android user, you could pick up Franchise MVP, a new game released by none other than Major League Baseball. MLB's no stranger to apps, of course, with its popular At Bat programs for iOS and Android, but mobile gaming is relatively new territory. Franchise MVP isn't like MLB 2K13 though; instead of creating a team, you follow an individual player through his career in the majors. You can play any position on the field and for any MLB team, building skills like batting, pitching and fielding along the way and making key in-field decisions. The game is free to download, but if you want to hurry things along, you can choose to spend real money for in-game currency. So if your favorite team missed out on taking home the Commissioner's Trophy this year, you can at least console yourself by using Franchise MVP to become the baseball player of your dreams.

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