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Battlefield 4 'one-hit kill' bug on PC to be squashed next week


In the PC version of Battlefield 4, there's a bug where damage from a single bullet is applied multiple times – essentially a "one-hit kill" glitch. DICE is aware of the issue and hopes to resolve it in an upcoming patch planned for the week of December 2.

The patch will also fix an issue with audio randomly dropping during multiplayer matches and a consistent crash bug that occurs when exiting out to the main menu while within the single-player campaign. Finally, the patch will adjust the network and computer performance screen: players can test their network connection and computer performance on this screen and receive recommendations from the game on how to improve each.

The PS4 version of Battlefield 4 was updated earlier this week. We found the new version to be a much smoother experience, allowing us to freely play both Conquest and Rush modes without any crashes or network disconnects. The server browser, however, still seems to be an issue on the platform.

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