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Video of Steve Jobs with his NeXT team circa 1985


Seeing as this week is generally slow on Apple news (aside from Black Friday sales, of course), I thought it might be a good time to highlight an interesting video of Steve Jobs during his early days at NeXT. And by early, I mean just a few months into the company's existence.

The video below was filmed as part of a broader documentary and highlights two company brainstorming sessions amongst Jobs and the first NeXT employees. The video includes footage taken in December of 1985 and in March of 1986. Note that NeXT itself was formed in September of 1985.

The video provides an interesting look into the early days of NeXT (whose employees at the time included many folks who worked on the original Mac), the pscyhe of Jobs, and some of the more general problems and issues that accompany the launch a new startup venture.

One particularly interesting moment in the video is when legendary graphic designer Paul Rand unveils the NeXT logo to the team for the first time. Rand, whose portfolio at the time included corporate logos for the likes of IBM and UPS, was paid $100,000 by Jobs to come up with the NeXT logo.

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