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Murder is a major source of income in Mansion Lord, now on Kickstarter

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Oh, those wealthy aristocrats. When will they learn not to attend a mysterious dinner party being held at a strange mansion? Hopefully not anytime soon, because running that mansion and having those dinner guests murder one another is what will keep you in business in Mansion Lord, a game by Golgom Games currently seeking $28,000 on Kickstarter.

Mansion Lord aims to combine several game genres, including business sims, murder mysteries and RPGs. As the owner of a mansion, your job will be to attract guests. You do this by building rooms, upgrading equipment, purchasing better furniture and even investing in scientific research. Once the guests arrive, a murder most foul will occur, and it's up to the detectives in the house to find out whodunnit. Once a culprit has been named, it's time to collect their bounty, RPG-style: that means turn-based battles with special attacks like Spicoli the Mighty's Grand Beam.

So yeah. It's kind of like Tiny Tower meets Final Fantasy meets Clue. We can only hope for mulitple, alternate endings to the murder mystery. The fundraising campaign for Mansion Lord currently sits at just shy of $11.5k, with 18 days left to go. Should it manage to pay off its mortgage, the game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux in 2014. The PS Vita, Wii U and iPads are also potential homes for the game, should it meet its stretch goals.

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