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Breakfast Topic: How have you celebrated your Pilgrim's Bounty?

Whether we're talking about Pilgrim's Bounty in game or Thanksgiving in the real world, holiday celebrations have been happening in abundance lately. On Moon Guard, some celebrated with a turkey protest, in which the turkeys of Azeroth rose up against the fowl oppression of those who would devour them in holiday feasting -- which is an awfully valid point, if you think about it. The screenshot above comes from Cally, and for more views of the protests, you should definitely check Cally's post on Tumblr.

This fine-feathered display of creativity got us thinking about how everyone has been celebrating this year. Where has Pilgrim's Bounty taken you this holiday season? Have you participated in capitol city raids to get your Pilgrim's Peril achievement, organized your own in-game feasts, or something else entirely? Tell us all about it!

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