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Stiq Figures, November 18 - 24: I was wrong edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

I remember reading about the Rumble Pak in Nintendo Power and eventually seeing it in the ad campaign for Starfox 64. A device that made my controller shake around when I was hit? Sounds ... dumb, I thought. A weight for a controller that runs off of AAA batteries? As if scavenging for batteries around the house for my Gameboy wasn't hard enough! Much as I loved Nintendo, the idea just didn't strike me as something I'd want to try.

When my brothers and I unwrapped a Nintendo 64 bundled with Starfox 64 and a Rumble Pak later that year for Christmas, I was still indifferent toward the Pak. I just wanted to play the game! After watching my brother hook it up to the basement TV and waiting my turn, I promptly flew into a skyscraper in an effort to dodge an enemy's attack. The controller roared to life in my hands and I jumped, totally taken off guard by the real-life implications of my virtually botched flight plan.

Nowadays, using a controller with its rumble feature turned off just feels weird to me, like the experience is dead in my hands. Child Me figured the Rumble Pak would, at best, be an addition to a game or two like the NES Zapper or Power Pad were. Now that it's a standard feature and has even crept into the Xbox One's triggers, I'm glad to admit that I was totally wrong about the concept.

And that's what this installment of Stiq Figures is all about - we're all fairly educated about this industry since we love it so much, but I'm pretty sure none of us can see the future. What gaming trends have you made total miscalls on? Is there a concept or gameplay mechanic you rolled your eyes at initially, then realized it had spread elsewhere just a year or two later? Share the successes that surprised you in the comments, right after you check this week's hardware sales in Japan!

3DS LL: 63,709 [UP] 15,857
Vita: 21,044 [DOWN] 25,306
Wii U: 21,002 [UP] 5,096
3DS: 20,797 [DOWN] 1,453
PS3: 12,436 [UP] 417
Vita TV: 7,868 [DOWN] 34,304
PSP: 3,546 [DOWN] 807
Wii: 457 [DOWN] 61
Xbox 360: 342 [DOWN] 62

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