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Bylos talks Tokyo, new scenario difficulty, and more in TSW's November letter

MJ Guthrie

In his November Game Director letter for The Secret World, Joel Bylos covered a variety of topics, from Issue #8's augments and scenarios to holiday events and Tokyo. The biggest news involving The Venetian Agenda is that a new level of difficulty is being added to the scenario system; on top of Normal, Elite, and Nightmare Modes, there will be a Novice difficulty to allow more players to participate without watering down the challenge of the current levels.

As promised previously, Bylos also offered an update on Tokyo. Players can get a better grasp of the incoming AEGIS system, a new type of defensive shielding,that will roll out in separate parts in Issue's #9, 10, and 11. On a sad note, Bylos also stated that Issue #9 won't hit before the end of the year, but it is expected early next year. At least while fans wait they can participate in the End of Days event that will return for the holidays as well as a brand-new event that is still hush-hush.

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