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    Daily iPhone App: ShopChat


    As a guy, shopping for clothes is about as exciting as deciding what to buy at the McDonald's drive-through. Actually, some of my female friends also feel this way. However, plenty of my female friends also view shopping as a sport and love nothing more than to search for and chat about the "perfect outfit." If you're one of those women, then you should check out today's Daily iPhone App: ShopChat.

    ShopChat is part Pinterest, part messaging app. With it, a user can search for the perfect item of clothing, be it a little black dress, the right jeans or that killer pair of shoes. Searching by keywords will return image results that the user can then save and organize into outfits. Users can also snap pictures of their existing clothes to add to their profile. In this way, the app works a lot like Pinterest.

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    However, ShopChat allows shopaholics to do their second-most favorite thing after finding the right outfit: talking about the right outfit. Users can message other ShopChat friends within the app, sharing photos over IM, thus allowing friends to chat about and get suggestions on how one piece of clothing may fit with a certain look.

    If you hate shopping for clothes, ShopChat won't be for you. However, if you love it, then you've just found your new favorite app. ShopChat is a free download.

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