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    Joli Originals iPad Air sleeve is all style


    I've been a fan of Joli Originals products for a few years now, and its latest round of sleeves and cases for Apple gadgets doesn't disappoint. Particularly, if you're looking for a thin and light sleeve to house your thin, light iPad Air, consider the Smooth iPad sleeve from Joli.

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    The Smooth iPad sleeve is so named because it's made from smooth leather (as opposed to the textured leather Joli also offers). I like the smooth leather better because it feels thinner and more in tune with the design aesthetics of the iPad Air. The leather is premium Italian, full-grain waxed leather and available in brown or gray. The sleeve is lined with a Dutch wool felt that is 100 percent wool. If you buy the gray sleeve (as I did), then your only choice of felt color is red. However, if you opt for the brown sleeve, you can choose from aqua, pink or brown felt. For my tastes, I went with the gray and red sleeve because I thought that looked best.


    The thing I love about Joli sleeves is the craftsmanship. So much love and care goes into each and every handmade sleeve, including the packaging. Sleeves are delivered wrapped in tissue paper with a hand-drawn sketch on them. All Joli Originals sleeves are handmade in the company's studio in Amsterdam.

    The leather used in the sleeve is top-notch and, most importantly, the folks at Joli Originals got the dimensions of the sleeve's interiors just right. You'll need to apply just a little bit of pressure to get your iPad into the sleeve, which ensures a snug fit so you know it won't fall out if you pick it up from the wrong end. I opted for the Joli sleeve that covers the iPad Air only, but they make sleeves that fit the iPad Air with Smart Covers attached.


    At €69.00 (about US$93.00) the Smooth iPad sleeve isn't the cheapest, but it's one of the best. It's a high-quality sleeve made with love and care. It's also my top recommendation for iPad sleeves this holiday season.

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