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This iPad cover might be the perfect solution to quiet tablet speakers


iPad cases, by and large, are unremarkable. Yes, the Smart Cover is slick in that it can wake your device and auto-aligns itself, but that's an old trick these days. That said, the soundPad by Atoll might have just gotten me interested in iPad accessories again. You see, I'm a music lover, and the iPad (in all of its flavors) provides what can best be described as weak music playback via its built-in speakers.

The soundPad is a protective cover that doubles as a standalone speaker system, adding multiple speakers and small subwoofers to give the tablet some serious musical might. The soundPad syncs via Bluetooth, which means you can also use it to play music from your iPhone or other compatible devices. There are three different versions of the soundPad available -- for the "classic" iPad, the iPad Air and the iPad mini.

We're working on getting our hands on one of these new accessories to put it to the test, so stay tuned for a verdict. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll finally let me listen to Spotify while in the shower.

[via PSFK]

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