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Early beta access a perk of Aura Kingdom Founder's Packs

MJ Guthrie

If getting in and checking out the many classes of Aura Kingdom is on your Christmas wish list, this news is for you: Aeria Games has announced a special Founder's Beta just in time for the holidays. By purchasing a Founder's Pack, players get guaranteed access to this special beta that begins on December 16th, access to the following closed beta, and other assorted goodies.

All packs include name reservation and loyalty points, while higher-priced packs also offer costumes, gear, pets, and mounts. The top package also includes special collectables you can keep by your desk. Prices range from $19.00 to $299.00. Get a peek at the pet and two of the mounts in the new screenshots below.

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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