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Readdle rolls out PDF Expert 5: iCloud support, shared folder with Documents by Readdle


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PDF Expert (US$9.99) is already a favorite of many of the bloggers at TUAW; now Ukraine-based development powerhouse Readdle has announced the availability of PDF Expert 5. The app is used to annotate PDFs, fill out PDF forms, sign PDF contracts and otherwise work with Adobe PDF documents in ways that Adobe's Acrobat app can't even touch.

What's new in version 5? Well, first of all, PDF Expert 5 now supports iCloud, so your PDF documents can be stored on Apple's cloud service for quick availability. There's a new function that allows users to take multiple PDF files and merge them into one document; helpful when doing a set of scans that need to be saved as one document for easy search or emailing.

I'm personally smitten with the new shared-folder capability. PDF Expert has some amazing annotation functionality, while the free Documents by Readdle app is designed for easier sharing and organization of PDFs. With the shared folder, it's possible to pass documents quickly between the two Readdle apps for a more complete solution when and if you need it.

The upgrade to version 5 will require a full repurchase of the app, so current owners should be prepared to shell out $9.99 for the new capabilities. PDF Expert 5 should be available in the App Store today.

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