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These Ray-Ban solar shades can charge your iPhone 5


If you're outside on a sunny day, there's a good chance that you're both wearing sunglasses and you're nowhere near your iPhone charger. Design student Sayalee Kaluskar has combined these two common occurrences into a product capable of shielding your eyes from the sun and charging your iPhone as well. She calls them Shama Shades, but in truth they're a pair of modified Ray-Ban sunglasses that have been fitted with a solar panel, a built-in battery and an iPhone 5 charging plug.

The glasses perform their traditional duty while you're catching some rays, and the solar panel fills the small battery hidden within. When the sun sets, you can remove one of the arms of the shades and plug it into your iPhone for an extra shot of energy. As the glasses were made for a school project, there's little chance you'll get the opportunity to buy them any time soon, but an idea this good seems like it deserves to find its way to retail sooner or later.

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