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WildStar unveils its final two classes

Eliot Lefebvre

WildStar has really drawn out this reveal as long as possible. We've known the game had six classes since more or less forever, that's fine. And we've known about four of them for a very long while now. So we've spent several weeks in the game's long, drawn-out reveal for all of the game's classes, which of course dealt with the four we already knew about first, leaving the lingering question marks of those last two classes.

Finally, we can talk about those guys too. And those last two classes are pretty cool. You could guess some of the details from what we already know, but just like with WildStar's other classes there are some tricks and surprises along the way, and neither of the two previously unrevealed classes are one-trick ponies. So jump on past the break to finally find out the last two classes.

What, you didn't think we were going to put that before the break, did you? We can draw out a reveal too.

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WildStar's Full Classes Trailer

WildStar Medic DevSpeakYes, you've got it. The last two classes are the Medic and the Engineer, which means that blurry screenshot listing them from months ago was entirely accurate. And while you probably already guessed this part, the Medic can be a healer or a damage dealer while the Engineer can be a tank or a damage dealer. Not that the idea of the Medic being a healer is shocking, we know.

What is shocking is how the Medic works. The Medic isn't the sort of character who hangs back and waves around a stick to make heals happen; the class focuses on being a hybrid melee healer and damage dealer, somewhat akin to Monks in World of Warcraft. Except with a lot more technology. In more specific gameplay terms, Medics specialize in creating fields that have a persistent effect for a while rather than firing off more direct heals, with their abilities casting on the go to facilitate their high mobility.

Because of the focus on placing field effects and the need to weave in and out of potentially dangerous boss attacks, Medics wind up taking a lot of skill to play effectively and aren't meant to serve as the easiest healer. The class currently has two direct heals, both on notable cooldowns, and the rest of the gameplay is coordinating where fields are placed and how your team is moving. When you have that, the class does wonderfully. If everyone runs around and ignores what you're doing... that will be less wonderful. So, like all of the classes, there's a lot of skill involved in playing a Medic properly for maximum effect.

You can't let a race love guns this much without giving them guns, after all.We were told that a Medic would be playable as a Granok, Mordesh, or human on the Exile side, with Mechari and human options for Dominion players.

Engineers are a whole different clanking mechanical story. This is another tanking class, meaning heavy armor... and ranged weaponry. And pets. Yes, while you might hear the name and think of building stationary turrets, the focus is upon your own distinct bots, each of which has a different function and utility.

You've got your Bruiser Bot, which acts as a mini-tank all by itself. (Yes, tanking Engineers will make use of the Bruiser as well.) Then you've got your Repair Bot, which helps bolster shields and keeps you from dying. There's also the Artillery Bot, which... well, you probably can guess what that one does, it's not vague. And last but not least is the Diminisher Bot, which focuses on debuffs and... you know, that's pretty straightforward too. A bot for all seasons. And they're all based directly off of the Engineer's stats, so you won't wind up with bots that scale to be more effective than you or utterly worthless.

Outside of pets, Engineers focus on their casting-on-the-move tricks, a variety of special suit abilities that function as stances, and their secondary resource of Volatility. As you use more of your abilities, that builds up and can be released for more powerful effects, which at this point apparently includes loading into an enormous mech suit and stomping everything. Because let's be honest, you'd be sad if that wasn't an option for Engineers.

Engineers are an option for Mechari, Chua, or humans in the Dominion, while the Exiles pick between Granok, Mordesh, and humans.

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