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Community Blog Topic Results: What are you doing while you wait for Warlords of Draenor?


How are WoW bloggers keeping busy until Warlords of Draenor? That's the answer to this week's Community Blog Topic.

JC_Sway at LOL Survival:

I don't rush through content the way a lot of people do. I have only seen the first 8 bosses in Siege. This is the raid we have for quite some time, so I have been kind of saving the last bosses. I hope to do flex 3 this week and possibly 4 as well. I'd also love to clear the place on normal and maybe get a few heroic kills when I'm geared enough. MoP isn't over for me at all. At least not the raiding.

Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris:

I really hope to farm enough honour to have some decent PvP gear ready soon. I am also farming justice points, although these days with very lax attitude. I need heirlooms for my new Forsaken rogue. That said, there are number of alts that need to be leveled up, at least to the point where I can send their heirlooms to the rest of the greedy bunch, just waiting to get out in the world.
BenMarble11 at The Ornery Raid Leader:
I have goals to get me past that time. I want to finally get to the point where I have a level 90 of every single class. I have 9 of the 11 possibilities. All that remains is to max level a druid and a monk. I have both equipped with BOA's to the hilt, it's just a matter of getting them the rest of the way to 90. When they are capped, I will finally have a Skinner/Leatherworker at max level as well. This means that I will finally have all the possible professions maxed as well. This will give me a good base to work with when Draenor drops.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard:
PvP: One of my favorite games within the games. I will be honest, most of mine will be in one of the main cities (Ironforge) trying to help guards kill over-geared players.
Leveling alts: I got 'em by the dozen (actually close to two dozen). I have 2 full servers full of toons to level. I would love to get 1-2 more to 90 on my second server (I have one horde 90).
Reputation work: I am going to make a serious attempt to get as many reps done before the next expac as I can.
Loremaster? It's on my list. I would like to knock it out before next expansion if I can.
RetroDragon at Savage Roar:
Of course I never said I was done with raiding this expansion. I'm very hopeful we make better progress than we did in Dragon Soul. Progression during that time was a very bumpy ride due a lot of circumstances, leading only to a few weeks of farming before Mists came out (but I got my title so I was still happy.) We starting the heroic this week so we have a lot of time to slap Heroic Garrosh down!
angerfork at #GeekStreetSociety:
First and foremost, professions. My professions on all but my main are horrendous. Who's got two thumbs and just got 300 Blacksmithing? Awww yeah!!!! So...yeah, I'll be fixing that. The hope? To go into Draenor with each profession leveled to 600 by at least one alt.

Next on the list, battle pets. Put simply, I gotta catch em all...and I haven't done so yet. So the time has come to do so. This one is the one I've been doing most lately and I'm maybe a third of the way done. Nice part about this one is it's very non-distracting and can be done with 5 minutes here and there as time permits.
HerrKlokBok at The Exodar Sisters:
I'm keeping busy. The legendary cloak. The reputations. The economy. The hunt for better gear, current one. The transmog gear. By the time the ships sail for Draenor, the Exodar Sisters will come down on the Iron Horde with ferocious fury and violent vengeance ... well dressed.
Lyrestra at Alts etc:
  • Level all the toons.
  • Farm mats for professions.
  • Clean my guild banks, characters' inventory/banks
  • Auction as much stuff as possible.
  • Figure out everyone's transmog.
  • Finish Loremaster.
  • Maybe work on Outlands reputations for tabards, mounts and gear.
get.sam.inbox at Still Searching:
I'll be raiding with my guild. I'll be playing Marvel Heroes and I'll be questing in Star Wars: The Old Republic. That's just game wise obviously I'll be doing other things too, but this is just about game time really, or at least that's how I'm viewing the question. I'll probably be playing other games too, ones I picked up in the Steam Sale for instance. I might wind up not playing much Warcraft at all.
MentalMaggie at Polka Dots and Popcorn:
This time of the expansion also gives me time to level up my alts that have been falling by the wayside. I am slowly working my way towards having a max level character of every class. (my rogue is 89, and still need a DK, pally, mage, lock, warrior,, I have a long way to go!) But with every expansion I get a little bit closer. I also like this time of an expansion because I don't feel like I have to rush to do anything; I can take breaks here and there without worrying about being behind in the gear race.
Ross Fale at Feckless Leader:
Trying to knock out the Pandaria Quest- and Exploration-related achievements. I'm meaning to "complete" as much of this expansion as I can, including achievements, before Warlords of Draenor comes out. Obviously I have some time yet.

Chasing after the Ashes of Al'ar and have recently added two more level 90s to the weekly runs, which means I have seven toons killing Kael'thas each week (six, really, but I'm sure I'll figure out how to defeat the encounter on my prot pally soon enough).
Fussypants and Yotaan from Growing Up in Azeroth

I have quite a few goals I'm aiming to achieve before the next expansion comes out.
  1. Get the legendary cloak on my mage. Yes, I'm kinda lame, but I only started working on the cloak very recently, so I'm not too far along.
  2. Get the legendary cloak for my paladin. Again, just starting. This one may not happen.
  3. PvP on my priest. I'm planning on trying my hand at PvP on my priest... when I get the time.
  4. Max out all my professions across all my characters. Again, may not happen.
  5. Help my friend out in WoW. A good friend of my recently started playing the game for the first time, so I want to help guide her through the world!
Play Hearthstone.
Many people in the comments said they would be spending the time before WoD stockpiling gold and quite a few said they would be playing other games.

Do you have an idea for a future Community Blog Topic? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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